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Pages discovered

There are 133 pages detected, which 32 pages are indexed.

Page load times

The average page loads in 643ms.

Internal link density

The average link density is 99%.

Broken Link Analysis

Your website contains 0 dead links.


Your website has a sitemap.xml

META Robot Tags

Your website does not contain META Robot tag(s).


Your website doesn't uses frames.

Flash animations

Your website doesn't use flash animations.

JavaScript Events

0% of the pages of your website use JavaScript events.

Internal SEO

Outgoing links

There are 22 links linking to other websites.

URL Structure Analysis

100% of the pages of your website use search engine friendly URLs.

URL Statistics

The average URL contains 45 characters and 0% is too long.

URL Optimization

The URLs are optimized for %.

Title Usage

100% of the pages contain titles and 100% is unique.

Title Statistics

The average page has 10 words and 61 characters.

Title Optimization

The titles are optimized for 96%.

META Description Usage

96% of the pages contain META Descriptions and 96% is unique.

META Description Statistics

The average META Description has 28 words and 167 characters.

META Description Optimization

The META Descriptions are optimized for 96%.

Heading Usage

100% of the pages contains headings (H1,2,3,4,5 or 6).

Heading Optimization

The headings are optimized for 0%.

Image ALT Tag Usage

The average page of your website has 1 ALT tags for 12 images.

External SEO

Incoming links (backlinks)

There are 2,514 websites linking to this website.

Domain Age

Your website is 2020 years old (0000-00-00).

Google Analytics

Your website does not use Google Analytics.


Document type

No doctype is found.


The website is found on regular domain.

Keyword spamming

Keyword spamming was found in 100 page(s).

Content optimization

The content of this website is optimized for %.